There was great enthusiasm and participation for the second Author’s Walks: L’età romana – La natura e la storia: a Varenna sulle tracce di Plinii. It was organized last Saturday, and the path started from Villa Monastero to Fiumelatte, along the Greenway dei Patriarchi.

Pietro Berra, journalist and writer, guided attendees in the footsteps of the Plinii, and of Leonardo da Vinci, Nietzsche e Percy and Mary Shelley, read by Lorena Mantovanelli.

The initiative is part of the celebrations for the two thousandth anniversary of the birth of Pliny the Elder (2023-2024) and an activity of the important project “Valorizzazione dell’identità del giardino storico di Villa Monastero” financed by the Pnrr M1C3 Investment 2.3.

The Author’s Walks are organized by the association of social promotion Sentiero dei Sogni, which is specialized in territorial narrations and masterminds of the format creative walks.

The next and last appointment will be on Saturday 30 September at 14.30: Il Medioevo – Varenna anno mille. The walk will be enhanced by readings regarding the Varenna foundation, and it will take place from the botanical Garden of Villa Monastero to the Vezio Castle.

The initiative is in Italian only.

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