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International Day of Museums ICOM at Villa Monastero

On the occasion of the International Day of Museums ICOM 2024, the Province of Lecco organizes an initiative at Villa Monastero of Varenna to involve the public, highlighting the importance of the museums’ role as institutions at the service of society and its development.

The Day aims to make visitors aware of the museum’s role as an important means of cultural exchange and enrichment. The theme chosen for 2024 is education and research and is part of the broader setting of objective 4 of the 2030 Agenda, Quality Education, aimed at ensuring equal and more inclusive education and promoting life-long learning opportunities for all.

About this year’s theme, on Thursday 16 May at 16:00 in Sala Fermi (mandatory reservation on will be presented the new Quaderno di Villa Monastero 2023 curated by the curator Anna Ranzi, and the small guide Breve guida per piccoli botanici, with insights on the plant species present in the garden. This guide is realized by Fondazione Minoprio and is coordinated by Manuela Strada, printed thanks to the funding of Lions Club Riviera del Lario which wanted to support the enhanced activities of the Villa.

In the volume, there are texts of  Marco Sampietro, Giorgio Rossi, Anna Ranzi, Pietro Dettamanti, Matteo and Fabio Possenti, Andrea Bardelli and Fabio Bonaiti who reconstruct local historical events related to the recent discoveries or deepen the themes inherent the museum collections and activities of the Villa.

The Province of Lecco thanks all those who helped to write the Quaderni and Fondazione Minoprio which, thanks to the contribution of Lions Club Riviera del Lario, helps make understanding of the rich botanical heritage of Villa Monastero recently enhanced thanks to the important PNRR project.

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