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Villa Monastero offers visitors a special exhibition for the 120th anniversary of Orlando Sora’s birth. The artist was a native of Fano and moved to Lecco where he remained until he died in 1981. The exhibition is dedicated to him, and it is open from June 1 to July 1.

The initiative opens Villa Monastero’s 2023 calendar of exhibitions, and it aims to remember the painter through a significant series of sixteen artworks realized during the Twenties – Thirty, with some later additions.  

In 2020 the House Museum expanded its collection with four important portraits of the author, thanks to the generosity of collectors. These are exhibited together with artworks of similar subjects, always of private origin, unpublished or rarely presented to the public.

The images shown in the exhibition are dedicated to members of the Sora family, and there are some paintings of Madonna with Child, one of the author’s favorite themes. The artworks are exposed with four paintings representing members of the family of the architect Wilhelm of Lecco (1917-2008), with whom Sora started to work and who created a deep friendship.

Among the artworks, please note the extraordinary Madonnina di Pescarenico performed in 1928.

Two Mothers and The Rosary are compositions of great emotional impact. These artworks are exposed together with a series of portraits, which reveal the great qualities of the painter in interpreting the features of people.

The exhibition, curated by the conservator Anna Ranzi, is set up in the exhibition space of Villa Monastero and can be visited during the opening hours of Villa Monastero.

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