Photographic services

A unique and versatile location for unforgettable shoots

Photo shootings for private use:

In the botanic garden of Villa Monastero it is possible to make photo shootings for private use on special occasions such as wedding photo shoots, wedding anniversaries, birthdays, wonderful travel memories, etc.

Booking is required for photo shootings (the reservation must be received at least three days before the photo shoot), and the ticket entrance doesn’t have to be purchased. For photographic services a fee has to be paid.


Villa Monastero does not provide the photographer.

The photo shooting is allowed during opening hours in the garden but not in exclusive use. The garden is open to visitors and there could be other visitors, groups or conferences.

The photo shooting is not allowed inside the House Museum.

The reservation is requested. For reservation we kindly ask you to write an e-mail to you will receive a form to fill in.

During the photo shoot, please keep a moderate tone of voice, avoiding shouts as you are in a museum location and conventions or conferences may be in progress.                             


Villa Monastero, with its splendid garden overlooking the lake, is the perfect setting for impressive photoshoots. The versatility of the setting allows for unique shoots that make the most of the brand’s characteristics. Over the years, the location has been chosen as a photographic set by internationally renowned fashion and tourism magazines.

For information and reservations please write to 

Use of drones:

If the filming, or photographs, are carried out by drones, the applicant must comply with the requirements and recommendations of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the ENAC Regulations (Italian Civil Aviation Authority regulations).

The use of drones must be authorized by the Province of Lecco. The drone pilot must send the self-certification to the Province of Lecco in which he declares that he complies with the European Regulation and the relevant ENAC indications; if the drone weighs more than or equal to 250 gr, the drone operator must demonstrate that he is in possession of the appropriate licence.

The self-certification must provide the following information and must be signed by the drone pilot:

· registration statement by the Italian Authority on

· insurance policy compliant to the ENAC indications

· to respect the privacy of others during the shooting