Photographic services

A unique and versatile location for unforgettable shoots

Villa Monastero, with its splendid garden overlooking the lake, is the perfect setting for impressive photoshoots. The versatility of the setting allows for unique shoots that make the most of the brand’s characteristics. Over the years, the location has been chosen as a photographic set by internationally renowned fashion and tourism magazines.

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If the filming, or photographs, are carried out by drones, the applicant must comply with the requirements and recommendations of the Personal Data Protection Authority and the ENAC Regulations (Italian Civil Aviation Authority regulations).

The use of the drone must be authorized by the Province of Lecco. The drone pilot must send to the Province of Lecco the self-certification in which he/she declares to respect the European Regulation and the ENAC indications. If the drone is weighing more than or equal to 250 gr, the drone operator must prove that he/she has the appropriate licence.