The Provincia di Lecco presents an innovative project for the Botanical Garden of Villa Monastero

The Provincia di Lecco has applied for an innovative project for the regeneration of the Botanical Garden of Villa Monastero in Varenna, on the public notice of Ministero della Cultura about the presentation of intervention proposals for restoration and enhancement of historical parks and gardens, to be financed under the Piano nazionale di ripresa e resilienza – Pnrr, funded by the European Union Next Generation Eu.

The professional appointed by the Provincia di Lecco, Valerio Cozzi, landscape designer architect, drew up the technical and economic feasibility study of the project, that includes the renewing of green areas to raise the standards of management, maintenance, security and hospitality, and ensure better preservation over time for a new tourist and cultural fruition.

Project description
The project aims to re-establish stylistic and botanical coherence and ensure the efficiency of the systems, and to renew, in a sustainable way, the virtuous relationship among vegetal, environmental and architectural components, which has shaped the uniqueness of Villa Monastero over time.
The vegetational heritage will be traced back to the original design and proportions through the enrichment of the botanical collection and the improvement of cultivation conditions, in particular with the realization of new water systems in order to minimize the environmental impact.
The focus on sustainability will also be for new running system of the fountains and for the new high energy efficiency lighting system: the garden will be illuminated only by renewable sources.
The intervention will be an opportunity to realize a new space to host intimate events and ceremonies: a garden in a garden, surrounded by roses and hydrangea and by an evergreen parterre overlooking the lake.
Villa Monastero will develop also multimedia resources, specialized and informative publications and new partnerships in support of slow and sustainable tourism.

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