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From April 14th it will be possible to admire, for the first time, two important paintings belonging to the second half of the eighteenth century, generously donated by a private collector who in the last years has been following with interest the events organized at the Villa Monastero, lending in some occasion works from his collection for the various exhibitions. The works are attributable to the Venice area and show considerable common elements with the works realized by the Diziani family from Belluno (Gaspare, 1689-1767, and the sons Giuseppe 1732-1803 and Antonio 1737-1797) who were active both in Venice and in Veneto, to whom the two paintings seem approachable. Gaspare worked with the great Venetian master Sebastiano Ricci, of whom he was a pupil, and worked with the set designer Alessandro Mauro in Dresda in some theatres and later in Munich, then in Rome and then again in Venice, where he was among the founders of the Academy of painting, sculpture and architecture. The works are exhibited in the Sala Fermi, former church of the monastery of Santa Maria, a particularly suitable location in relation to the subjects treated: Jesus drives away the merchants from the temple and the justice of King Solomon.        

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