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Two extraordinary opportunities to promote the House Museum and the botanical Garden.

On Friday 3rd of February, a television crew of Rai5, led by the journalist Davide Venturi, made some shoots of the botanical Garden and the House Museum for the broadcast “L’Atlante che non c’è” dedicated to the “Lake of Manzoni”.

Then, on Tuesday 7th of February, a television crew of Rai3 Lombardia, led by the journalist Chiara Rancati, visited Villa Monastero. The President of the Provincia di Lecco Alessandra Hofmann and the Curator of Villa Monastero Anna Ranzi were interviewed during the filiming. The President underlined the administration’s commitment to the enhancement of Villa Monastero; the Curator traced the historical events of the Villa by narrating about the various owners who have followed over time.

The videos were broadcast in several time slots and will contribute to the promotion of Villa Monastero throughout Italy.

Villa Monastero, un gioiello sul lago

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