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Villa Monastero also this year takes part in the initiative FuoriOrticola, the event which complement the important horticultural exhibition which will take place from Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 May at the Indro Montanelli Public Garden.

On 21st March, there was the press conference at the prestigious Fondazione Luigi Rovati (Milan).

Anna Ranzi, the curator of the House Museum and the botanical Garden, attended this moment by thanking the organizers of the event and bringing greetings of the President of the Provincia di Lecco, Alessandra Hofmann, who underlined the importance of this collaboration which will also allow to focus on the rich valorisation program of Villa Monastero undertaken by the Provincia di Lecco, thanks to PNRR.

The intelligence of flowers is the theme of Orticola 2023. This sentence is from “The Intelligence of Flowers,” a 1907 book by Maurice Maeterlinck, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1911, but it was already present long before in the thinking of Linnaeus and Charles Darwin.

This year Orticola welcomes a lot of new participants from Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Sicily, Great Britain, and Japan, with exhibitors, experts, exhibitions, events, museums, gardens, etc. which promote the knowledge of the culture of plants, of gardening, and the conservation of historic gardens.

Orticola dedicates its proceeds to the green areas, as in all previous editions for the last 26 years.

The edition 2023 starts in May with special initiatives in many places, and this year offers something new: The Orticola’s voice, a series of short podcasts addressing curious and interesting botanical themes.

Villa Monastero will participate with the podcast The adaptability of magnolia grandiflora over time.

All the podcasts will be available through QR code.

On Lake Como, in addition to Villa Monastero also Villa Carlotta and Villa Mezi d’Eril participate to the initiative.  

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