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Atrium and staircase

The layout of the atrium is partly the same as it was in the 17th century. In the 18th century inventories it is stated that there was “a mosaic fountain”, but the appearance and decoration date back to the Kees family (1897), who wanted to imitate the staircase of the Leipzig library, the birthplace of W. E. J. Kees, who personalised the room with his own coat of arms. The majolica panels along the wall facing the lake emphasise the worlds of art and science: portrait busts of the physicist H.K.F. von Helmoltz, the philosopher I. Kant, the architect and sculptor A. Schlüter, and the composer J.S. Bach are depicted. In the central niche there is the sculpture group with the Rape of the Sabine Women in serpentine marble; precious and colourful marble covers the walls and stairs.


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