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The requalification works of the botanical Garden of Villa Monastero are in progress.

The works are part of the PNRR project “Valorizzazione dell’identità del giardino storico di Villa Monastero” – funded by the European Union NextGenerationEU.

Renovation and cleaning of the Comolli’s statue La Clemenza di Tito have been completed. The statue is back to its original splendor, and it can be admired by visitors that on 2nd of March will begin to crowd the garden.

The construction works of the nuns’ Garden are at an advanced stage: new wooden boxes have been placed where medicinal plants will be included during February. The ground preparation work was carried out. The preparation of the irrigation system, the building and the carpenter works are concluded. The first batch of plants was delivered, and the boxes were filled with soil.

In this period, the works in progress also concern the reinforcement of the lake walls and the restoration of the so-called water lilies tank.

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