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July ended with record numbers: 43.323 entrances compared to 30.459 in 2022.

Visitors were 140.643 from January to July 2023. Guests were 114.027 last year at the same time.

These are very significant numbers considering that the House Museum reopened to the public on Sunday 28 May.

Below is an overview of data in the last years:

July 2023: 43.323
from January to July 2023: 140.643

July 2022: 30.459
from January to July 2022: 114.027

July 2021: 12.530
from January to July 2021: 27.496

July 2020: 7.123
from January to July 2020: 14.898

July 2019: 13.433
from January to July 2019: 56.269

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